Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1 week down, 8 to go!

This past Saturday was the 2nd annual BFA's GOT TALENT show! Any student or staff member can perform and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes are awarded. There was an assortment of performances from the students: singing, dancing...the normal stuff. But we as RA's had the tough task of topping our performance from last year when we pulled off the "Evolution of Dance" routine after only practicing 2 times before the show! (there's a video of our performance on my facebook page) So this year, knowing it would be difficult to re-create another dance routine, we decided to go a different route...a very different route. We put together a sort of "variety show" and the audience was flabbergasted at our "raw" talent! First, a group of us performed as an air-band to the song "Funky Town", then Brandon (my fiance) did a few "magic" tricks (posing as a skilled magician), then a few more of us did what we call "Soccer Matrix", then we ended the show with Brandon sawing someone in half! It was a great night!

This is Jun--he is a senior in Maugenhard (the guys dorm upstairs) and he sang a solo!

This is a group of girls from my dorm who performed a dance to a Korean pop song. They did awesome!

And heeeeere's the RA's! This was the "Soccer Matrix" portion of our performance. Each soccer player has a pair of fake legs, and those are directed by 2 people dressed in black. The soccer ball is on a black pole, directed by another person in black. We wanted the stage lights to be dimmed so that the people in black were less noticable...but that didn't really work out. It was still funny though! ...can you find me????
I'm the one in the middle in charge of the soccer ball.

And this is the "leg-portion" of Brandon's saw-in-half trick. I couldn't find a better picture, but basically we had 2 huge boxes and SoYoung, an RA, was hiding inside one of the boxes. Then another RA, Corey, climbed in the other box. As he got inside, So Young stuck her feet out so that it looked like they were his legs!!! It was really funny!

Palmgarten Poker Night!!!

This past Friday night we spent our evening playing poker! I, along with a few others, had never played before and so Luke, our dorm dad, printed out a "cheat sheet" of possible winning combinations. I learned words like "big blind", "the river", "the flop" etc. Now I try to sound smart and incorporate them in normal conversation around the dorm. It's catching on pretty quick.

This is Lizzy--she was the dealer at my table. She fooled me with her poker face a few times!!

Here is Luke, instructing all the newbies.

And this is Eunji...yep, you guessed it! Her first time playing poker!!! :)

We played for a few hours on Friday night, continued the game on Sunday night, and then they finally finished tonight! (monday) I'm sorry to report that I did not win, BUT, at one point I got a straight flush!! This is a big deal, apparently...so we took a picture of it.

This coming weekend we have the first home soccer game and the first home track meet! I'll post some more pictures soon!

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