Sunday, July 27, 2008

this time next week...

Great news! The final countdown has begun and in just a matter of days I will be boarding a plane bound for Germany! I was able to purchase an airline ticket a couple of weeks ago and I am scheduled to leave on August 2nd at 6pm.
My last week here at home is filled with packing, preparations and final visits with family and friends. It is a weird feeling to be wrapping up the life I have known for the last 23 years, in anticipation for a whole new lifestyle that includes a new community of people and a new culture. But any amount of anxiety is overshadowed by my excitement to finally begin this ministry of service and discipleship that God has been preparing me for. It has been amazing to look back and see His hand at work in every circumstance to bring me to this point in life. I can't wait to share all the great things that God will do in the coming months!
Prayer Requests...
*safety in travel--I will fly through the night on Saturday (Aug. 2nd) and then after a short layover, arrive in Germany on Sunday afternoon.
**smooth transition/adjustment back into dorm life.
***for close, meaningful relationships with the girls in my dorm
****for the missionary kids and their families--for God's blessing on the parents' ministries and a smooth transition for the students as they move back to school.