Friday, February 20, 2009

We've had a full couple of months here and I have some pictures to prove it...

In January the school had a spirit week where each day had a different dress-up theme. Crazy hair day was one of the themes. This is Naomi (from left), Emily, Katelyn and Deena with their crazy do's.

Shanna (from left), Dahee and Julia decided to go frizzy.

The seniors did a great job planning this event: we invited Blauen over, another girls dorm, and we all dressed up for a tea party! The catch was that we were to dress up like little girls who have raided their mom's closet and are dressed in all her clothes and make up. It was so fun to scrounge around the dorm and find silly clothes to wear!

Enjoying their tea and cupcakes!

This is Kristi (from left), Kara, Naomi and Rebecca.

We had a lot of fun with this...or at least I did....
This is me and Ellie, one of my fellow RA's. She was not very impressed with my make up job and pig-tails. A lot of the girls didn't recognize me and were actually a little scared...maybe i overdid it on the eye shadow?

This is me and Vangie (RA at Blauen) sipping our tea like the little ladies we are.

For the 2nd year in a row, our girls have hosted a Valentine's Day dinner at our dorm. It's really fun because each girl secretly asks a guy to be her roommate's date! And then they don't find out who it is until all the guys actually arrive for the dinner!

This is Krista and Emily--they were very nervous to find out who their date was--I had to coax them to come out of their rooms!

The girls decorated very nicely with candles and hearts everywhere.

Here's a lively group enjoying the meal that Les, our dorm dad, prepared: Italian chicken, almond green beans, twice-baked potatoes, fresh baguettes and then chocolate torte for dessert.

Overall, it's been a fantastic couple of months! Now winter is winding down (hopefully! although we just got 2 inches of snow today!) and we're all gearing up for soccer and track season--BFA's favorite time of year! The treadmill in our dorm has been going non-stop as girls get back in shape just in time for try-outs. Making the varsity soccer team is pretty tough, even as a junior or a senior, so I've loved being able to run with some girls to help them get ready; but I'm no help whatsoever as far as soccer skills go!
I am so blessed because my parents are coming to visit for 2 weeks! They arrive in 3 days and I think that the girls are just as excited as I am because they get to meet the parents who are responsible for raising their crazy, weird R.A.!
Thank you all for your interest and investment in our lives here-more to come soon!

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Lisa said...

Love the pics Lizzy. Those girls are super blessed to have you as their R.A. Love ya. Lisa